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Green Energy Barrier: The Insulation Solution

Fight Back Against Heat Transfer

If you’re looking for a good way to fight off heat transfer in your Tulsa home to lower your energy bills, then the Green Energy Barrier® from Community Builders of Tulsa is just the product for you. Our green energy barrier is a reflective foil used for attic insulation. However, unlike other insulation products that settle, our reflective foil doesn’t degrade over time. You may have heard the term “radiant barrier” with regards to attic insulation. The terms reflective foil and radiant barrier are interchangeable. Our radiant barrier works off of the same principle as NASA’s spacesuit technology wherein that it possesses a high reflectivity value and low emissivity value. This means that it effectively reflects radiant heat transfer and absorbs very little heat respectively. The benefits of having Green Energy Barrier® installed in your home are numerous. It outperforms more traditional insulation materials in more ways than just protecting against heat transfer too.

What Reflective Foil Does for You:

  • Superior Energy Efficiency: Radiant barrier protects your home from the most efficient method of heat transfer, which is radiant. This means that the radiant heat traveling through space is reflected by the radiant barrier. In fact, it reflects 97% of radiant heat.
  • Extended HVAC Life: Since our attic insulation helps your Tulsa home run more efficiently, your HVAC system will last longer because it doesn’t have to work as hard.
  • Proven Efficiency: Our energy barrier has been tested by the Florida Solar Energy Center of Cape Canaveral on both small and full-scale models.
  • Maintenance Free: Radiant barrier requires no maintenance once it is installed. Additionally, there is no material in which rodents or insects could potentially nest.
  • Installation Variety: There are multiple ways for by which our insulation can be installed in your Tulsa home. For instance, it can be installed over your current insulation, in the crawl space, or beneath your rafters.

Enjoying Your New Energy Efficiency

The benefits of our reflective foil insulation are enough to convince anyone that their home is ill-equipped without it. However, much like with any other home remodeling product, a proper installation is key. Without an efficient and quality installation, your home will not be able to receive the full benefits of our Green Energy Barrier®. Fortunately, all of our insulation installers at Community Builders of Tulsa are certified Green Energy installers. This means that each installer is factory certified and is trusted by the manufacturer to do an excellent job. Stop wasting money on high energy bills and contact us today about our radiant barrier insulation!

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