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Enjoy Energy Efficiency with Green Energy Barrier

Benefit from Space-Age Insulating Technology

If you find that your Tulsa home is unbearably hot in the summer and terribly cold in the winter, then you most likely have a problem with your insulation. Poor attic insulation is one of the leading causes of lackluster energy efficiency in homes throughout the region. That’s why we carry the premier attic insulation product Green Energy Barrier®. This type of attic insulation uses advanced space-age technology to drive unwanted heat away from your home and keep your warm air inside. Some homeowners may question its validity or even purpose since their homes are already fit with traditional insulation materials like fiberglass or insulating foam boards. However, those insulation methods are incomplete and pale in comparison to our reflective foil. Fiberglass and insulated foam boards specifically target conduction and convection, respectively, but our attic insulation protects your Tulsa home against the most imposing form of heat transfer, radiation.

Does the Type of Heat Transfer Really Matter?

If you’re wondering whether the type of heat transfer really matters in your pursuit of optimal energy efficiency for your Tulsa home, then the answer is an unequivocal yes. Certain forms of heat transfer are more efficient than others. For instance, conductive heat transfer is far less efficient that convective heat transfer and they’re both less effective than radiation. That’s why choosing the right type of material for your attic insulation makes a huge difference in regards to your home’s energy efficiency.

Your standard fiberglass insulation is designed to protect against conductive heat transfer by trapping the heat in its millions of fibers to effectively slow the transference. Foam board insulation is specifically used to stop the transference of heat through the air. This process of transfer is known as convection. Finally, our Green Energy Barrier® works to stop the most efficient form of heat transfer known as radiation or radiant heat transfer. Our radiant barrier is able to do this by reflecting the electromagnetic radiation traveling through space away. This works well in the summer and winter since double sided foil can keep heat out in the summer and heat in during the winter.

Does Radiant Barrier Protect from All?

Though radiant barrier may be more efficient than the other attic insulations, it does not protect against all forms of heat transfer. It is specifically designed to protect against radiant heat transfer, which is all it does. The primary reason it’s regarded as being one of the most efficient insulation forms is that it protects against the most efficient form of heat transfer. This means that it can dramatically reduce your energy bills on its own but combining all three insulation types is the best way to fully optimize the energy efficiency of your Tulsa home. To learn more about our Green Energy Barrier® or attic insulation in general, contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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