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How Green Energy Barrier Works for You

Feel More Comfortable in Your Tulsa Home

It’s one thing to say that our attic insulation product can save you money. It’s another to explain how our attic insulation does it. Anyone can tell you that their product is the best at saving you money, or the most efficient, or whatever else they want to say to try and sell it. But only at Community Builders of Tulsa will you find the answers you truly seek. We firmly believe in providing our customers with knowledge so that they can make the best decision possible for their Tulsa home. That’s why we’re going to explain just how our Green Energy Barrier® works for your home. Granted, we’re not going to use all of the scientific jargon but we’ll still be able to give you a good idea of what makes our product so special. The first step to understanding how it protects is to understand what it’s protecting against. In this case, it’s radiant heat transfer.

A Brief of Radiant Heat Transfer

Radiant heat transfer is the most prominent form of heat transfer and is also known as thermal radiation. Despite its prominence, thermal radiation is somewhat difficult to understand. To put it simply, radiant heat is generated from thermal movement of charged atom particles that exist in all matter and is referred to as electromagnetic radiation. Some instances of thermal radiation in the home are incandescent lights, a hot stove coil, or even the sun’s rays beaming through the window. The peculiar thing about radiant heat is that it travels through space but doesn’t heat the air around it. It only heats the objects with which it comes into contact. This is a distinct separation from convective heat transference which circulates and transfers heat through the air.

What Does Radiant Barrier do to Stop Radiation?

To answer the question of how radiant barrier insulation stops radiant heat transfer, we must look at the material. The key aspects to our radiant barrier are the values of reflectivity and emissivity. Our Green Energy Barrier® is a highly reflective surface with low emissivity. This means that rather than absorbing and re-radiating thermal energy, it reflects it. This is exceptionally useful in the attic with the sun’s energy radiantly heating your roof, which then transfers it into your attic. By having radiant barrier installed, the heat is reflected back away from your home. Conversely, when you have radiant barrier facing inward, your Tulsa home is able to retain heat better. This is very useful in the cold winter months. It’s advised that you install double-sided reflective foil insulation like the type we carry at Community Builder of Tulsa. Start saving more with our Green Energy Barrier® by contacting us today for your free consultation.

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