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Luxurious Bathing Experience with Kohler® Walk-in Baths

Bathe in Comfort like Never Before with Walk-in Accessibility

Having accessibility in your Tulsa bathroom is a necessity, which is why we carry a wonderful brand of walk-in baths here at Community Builders of Tulsa. However, accessibility is only part of the equation of what makes bathing comfortable. The other part is finding baths with luxurious therapeutic qualities. We’ve made sure to carry walk-in baths that can provide Tulsa homeowners with the luxurious new bathing experience they deserve. The Kohler® brand walk-in baths we feature have numerous elements that transform your traditional bathing experience into a beautiful spa-like one. Not only are these elements exceptionally comforting, they also work efficiently to soothe any aching muscle and joint pain. This outstanding quality rejuvenates your love for life by helping to eliminate any day-to-day pain you routinely feel.

Rejuvenating Qualities of Walk-in Baths:

  • BubbleMassage™ Air Jets: The BubbleMassage™ feature of our walk-in baths utilizes strategically placed air jets that soothe the mind and body by stimulating a release of tension. Furthermore, you can adjust the intensity of the air massage by using the easy-access control panel to create a joyous bathing experience tailored to your needs.
  • Belay™ Hydrotherapy: The adjustable whirlpool jets of our Kohler® brand walk-in baths are strategically placed to meet stress points along your legs, spine, and feet. This helps relieve any persistent pains along these body parts. Each jet is easily adjustable to flow in the direction and intensity suitable for maximum comfort.
  • Bask™ Heated Surface: The Bask™ heated surface technology is designed to soothe points on your back, neck, and shoulder with the comfort of a warm surface. The heat settings are easy to adjust so you can optimize the comfort of your bathing experience.
  • Awaken™ Hand Shower: The hand shower that is featured with our walk-in bath is ergonomically and stylistically designed to meet your needs. It features three distinct spray settings, which are wide, massage, and gentle aerated. Additionally, you can enjoy a targeted hydromassage thanks to the pivoting function of the spray head.

Unparalleled Bathing Comfort & Beauty

To get maximum enjoyment from your bathing experience, there’s no better option than our Kohler® brand walk-in baths. The amount and quality of therapeutic features that these accessible baths possess completely transform your standard bathing experience into a spa-like retreat. Best of all, each of our walk-in bath installations are custom-made so they fit beautifully into your existing tub space. Our walk-in baths are designed to optimize the enjoyment, safety, and comfort you feel every time you bathe in your Tulsa bathroom. Find out how you can start enjoying these great benefits today and contact us for your free walk-in bath consultation!

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