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How Clogged Gutters Lead to Foundation Damage

Avoid Expensive Repairs with Gutter Covers

Damage from clogged gutters is a very real threat to your Tulsa home. One of the most prominent threats is damage to your home’s foundation. This type of damage is very expensive to repair and requires immediate attention since it severely compromises the structural integrity of your home. Though this is a very significant threat, quite a few homeowners aren’t sure how clogged gutters lead to such devastating damage. Fortunately, the experts at Community Builders of Tulsa are here to help you understand the damaging effects of unmaintained gutters. We provide a brief overview of how clogged gutters can lead to foundation damage and offer a solution with our uniquely effective gutter covers.

Clogged Gutters: The Destroyer of Foundations

Your home’s foundation is in imminent danger when your gutters clog. There are several ways clogged gutters affect your foundation, often with one resulting from the other. The process starts when water pools around your home’s foundation. This results in a saturation of the surrounding soil, which puts large amounts of pressure on the walls of your foundation. The reason this happens is because once the soil becomes saturated it expands and with nowhere else to go, it pushes against your foundation. The excessive pressure will result in cracks in your foundation wall and even basement flooring.

Another result of pooled water around your foundation is a slow erosion of the walls. This also allows cracks and leaks to form. Furthermore, once the moisture evaporates or flows away from your Tulsa home, the surrounding soil is displaced. This can cause your foundation to settle, shift, or sink. All of these issues severely affect the structural integrity of your home. They can cause your walls to bow and crack, mold and mildew growth, basement flooding, and many other major problems.

Prevent Catastrophe with Gutter Protection

Don’t let your home reach a point to where it could collapse in on you. Protect yourself and your home’s foundation by having gutter covers from Community Builders of Tulsa installed over your gutters. Our gutter protection system effectively keeps your gutters clog-free and water flowing away from your home. This means you won’t have to worry about water pooling around your home’s perimeter and saturating the soil to the point of where it cracks your foundation. Avoid the damage, heartache, and costly repairs by contacting us to schedule your free consultation or installation of our gutter covers.

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