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Retain Beauty, Add Protection with Metal Roofs

Enjoy the New Look of Stone-Coated Metal Roofing

One of the keys to maintaining a beautiful home is ensuring that all of its exterior components are in excellent condition. Unfortunately, this is not always a simple task as the materials of a home’s exterior will eventually breakdown due to weathering, time, and even unexpected damage from natural hazards. Despite all of these things going against you, there are solutions to help ease the financial and laborious burdens of home improvement. One such way is with the strength and durability of a metal roof from Community Builders of Tulsa. Able to withstand the strongest impacts and most furious of winds, metal roofs are designed to keep your home protected for a lifetime. Unfortunately, their reputation has been marred by the complaint of a less than attractive appearance. However, in recent decades this issue has been remedied with the application of natural stone-coatings.

Metal Roofing Designed for Beauty

The beauty of metal roofing has always been found in its ability to protect with superior strength and durability. Other characteristics that drew it into the spotlight were its energy-saving capabilities, eco-friendliness, and light-weight materials. However, concerns with the look and noise when it rains kept homeowners from transitioning. Fortunately, the increased noise from rain has largely proven to be a myth and natural stone-coatings have made it so that metal roofs can simulate the look of traditional materials. Now Tulsa homeowners can have the beautiful look of tile or wooden shake paired with the durability and strength of metal. The stone-coated metal roofs we carry at Community Builders of Tulsa are designed to provide you with exceptional beauty and enduring protection.

Get More with Your Metal Roof

Our metal roofs carry more benefits than just their durability and strength. They also have high-quality energy-saving capabilities thanks to the UV-reflective granite stone chips and installation technique. This means that our roofs can effectively protect your home against radiant heat transfer, which is one of the biggest contributors to energy loss by the home. Additionally, our roofs are made from 30% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable once their lifespan runs out. This combined with our roofs high energy efficiency makes them extremely eco-friendly. Start enjoying the benefits of having a beautiful metal roof today by contacting Community Builders of Tulsa for your free consultation!

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