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Natural Metal Roofing vs. Natural Stone-Coated Metal Roofing

Know Your Metal Roofs: Why Choose One Over the Other?

A long-standing concern with metal roofing was that it looked tacky. However, that is no longer a concern with stone-coated metal roofs. Now you can have a strong, durable metal roof that looks just like a tile, wooden shake, or asphalt roof. But with all this talk of natural stone-coated metal roofs, natural metal roofing seems to be overshadowed. In fact, there are a lot of homeowners that don’t know what is meant by natural metal roofing. Fortunately, the experts here at Community Builders of Tulsa are here to help you appreciate the beauty of natural metal roofs.

A Fading Legacy of Traditional Beauty

When you think of traditional beauty with a residential roof, you often think of shingle, asphalt, tile, wood, or clay. Metal isn’t typically the material that comes to mind, which is understandable as it does possess somewhat of an industrious look. However, metal roofing has been around for centuries as can be seen in older architecture using copper. The largest issue with copper was that it was expensive and often used for more illustrious buildings. Fortunately, metal roofing has become more financially feasible for homeowners with materials like steel, tin, and aluminum. However, materials like copper are still rather expensive.

The idea of natural metal roofing is undeservingly plagued by the stigma of being less attractive than its stone-coated counterpart. However, one aspect of natural metal that is often overlooked is the appeal of “patina”. This is the product of the process of corrosion that occurs with metal materials. With metals that are more resistant to corrosion, patina creates a layer that helps protect the base. Copper is known to have this quality, which is what makes it a fine consideration for natural metal roofing. Other metals can receive a sealant that halts the corrosive process so the natural metal roof can have the classic beauty without further degradation. A layer of patina can present a unique quality to Tulsa homes not found with other roofing materials.

The Stone-Coated Phenom

Stone-coated metal roofs are becoming more popular than ever with their ability to simulate the look of traditional residential roofs and more manufacturers making them. It’s hard to dispute the benefits of having a roof with the durability and strength of metal and the beauty of traditional roofing materials. They are available in a variety of styles and quite versatile. Additionally, they’re affordability make them easy for the pocketbook to digest. Regardless of whether you choose natural metal or natural stone-coated metal, Community Builders of Tulsa can provide you a beautiful new metal roof. For more details about the difference between these two metal roofing styles, contact us for your free consultation.

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