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The Secret of Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

Find Out How We Save You Energy Dollars

Up to 40% of the heat transfer in your Tulsa home occurs through your windows. It’s for this reason that having energy efficient windows installed on your home is very important. With the proper energy-saving windows on your home, you can effectively cut this percentage down to give yourself a greener home. At Community Builders of Tulsa, we carry a line of windows specially designed to optimize your home’s energy efficiency. This exclusive line of windows is EnviroView. These windows are specially designed to reduce heat transfer, block UV, and maximize daylight. However, just telling people this is not enough. In fact, several homeowners want to know what makes our windows so effective against heat transfer. Fortunately, we’re here to let you in on the secret technologies behind our windows’ efficiency.

EnviroView’s Energy Efficiency Explained

  • Activator 12 Low-E Glass Package: This type of Low-E glass possesses many microscopic layers of metallic coatings that help optimize your home’s energy efficiency all year. It also reduces the amount of UV rays allowed into your home. To experience the full energy saving capacity of our Low-E glass, invest in the entire package that includes an advanced spacer system and NSArgon gas fills.
  • Multi-Chambered Design: Our multi-chambered frames produce greater strength and energy efficiency. They make this happen by adding strength and rigidity to the integrity of the frame and the dead air space insulation plays a role in energy efficiency. Optionally, you can have this space filled with insulating foam for even greater thermal protection.
  • Multi-Layered Weather Stripping: This feature helps block the infiltration of air, water, dirt, and even allergens.
  • Fusion Welded Frame & Sash: Fusion welding completely seals off any gaps or leaks that would be present with mechanically fastened window frames. By forming a permanent bond between the sash and frame components, fusion welding ensures there is no space for air or moisture to get in via the frame.
  • Advanced Spacer Technology: Our windows use a spacer system formed with aluminum, foam, steel, and polycarbonate. This combination creates a spacer that is low in conductivity, strong in support, and it helps reduce condensation.

Make Your Home Green with Efficiency

It’s important to make sure your Tulsa home is on top of its energy efficiency game. One of the best ways to do that is with EnviroView Windows from Community Builders of Tulsa. The primary reason we’ve chosen to carry such advanced windows is to help Tulsa homeowners save money and maintain a more eco-friendly home. To learn more about how our replacement windows help reduce your carbon footprint, contact us today for your free consultation.

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