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The Difference Between Double-hung and Single-Hung Explained

Single or Double, Which Window is for You?

One of the questions we get most at Community Builders of Tulsa is “What’s the difference between Single and Double-hung windows?” If you’re like most Tulsa homeowners, then you’re probably wondering this exact thing. Fortunately, we’re going to answer that question for you today and even compare how the two stack up against each other. With these windows being comparable to each other in terms of popularity, we believe it’s important for you to know the difference and why they’re each such popular choices for modern homes.

The Weigh-in: The General Specs

Single-Hung windows are standard operation windows consisting of at least two panes of glass. Multiple panes may be used for double and triple pane options. There is a bottom and top sash with only the bottom one being moveable. The bottom sash operates vertically sliding up and down.

Double-Hung windows look similar to single-hung but they are fairly different in terms of operation. Double-hungs still consist of a top and bottom sash. However, both sashes are moveable and able to slide up and down in a vertical motion. Additionally, each sash can tilt-in to make cleaning exceptionally easy.

The Battle of Window Styles

  • Affordability: Put simply, single-hung windows are your more affordable option. This is due to having less working parts and a quicker installation. Single-hung windows are typically found as fixed units in standard sizes and take less effort to install in a pre-existing space. Conversely, double-hung windows require separate installation checks for each sash to make sure that both are operating properly. Also, the installation requires more labor due to their heavier weight and precise seating requirement.
  • Energy Efficiency: The energy-saving qualities of both window types are great. Each window is equipped with Low-E glass coatings, polycarbonate spacer technology, multi-chambered frames, and several other machinations. However, when it comes to one outperforming the other, single-hung is the better option simply because of its inoperable sash. Having one less area where drafts could make their way gives single-hung a clear advantage. Fortunately, double-hung windows have made some headway in this department but they still pale in comparison.
  • Security: It’s feasible to imagine that single-hung as more secure since it has one less moveable sash. However, double-hung takes this round with a stronger frame to support the extra weight and parts. Additionally, double-hung windows are equipped with more locking mechanisms. They feature locks for each sash and vent latches that keep either sash from opening too far.
  • Maintenance: This round is pretty close but double-hung windows have the advantage as far as maintenance is concerned. Though they do have more operable parts that may need to be fixed down the line, they are also far easier to clean because of those parts. Tilt-in sashes make window cleaning easy, and the likelihood of one of our high-quality double-hung windows mechanically breaking down is slim.

Window Battle Tie-Breaker?

Based on the above information, we seem to have a tie. Unfortunately, there we have no clear answer to which window is better. That is a distinction homeowners must make themselves. For some, the extra expense is a small price to pay for the convenience our double-hung windows provide. Other window shoppers may prefer the higher rate of energy-efficiency that single-hung windows offer. In the end, the decision will most likely come down to the homeowner’s preference. Regardless of which of these fine windows you choose, you can count on Community Builders of Tulsa to provide you with exceptional quality and installations. Contact us today to learn about our other window options!

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