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New Windows Styles Jazz Up Your Home

Upgrade Your Home with the Perfect Window Style

Your choice of window styles makes a huge difference in how your Tulsa home is perceived. In turn, this reflects on your image as a homeowner, designer, and neighbor. Don’t risk having your new window selection reflect poorly on you. Instead, turn to the professionals at Community Builders of Tulsa as your design consultants and window experts. We’ll gladly use our knowledge and expertise to help you choose the perfect window style for your Tulsa home. Our large selection provides you with the options you need to create the perfect look that will increase your home’s curb appeal.

Gorgeous Styles for Replacement Windows:

  • Awning Windows: A fascinating window style, awning windows operate on a crank system so they can be placed just about anywhere, even those hard to reach spaces. The most unique feature about this window is that it opens outward using hinges place at the top of the window. This creates an awning type cover with the window pane, making these windows great for leaving open during a calm summer storm to let in a refreshing gentle breeze.
  • Bay & Bow Windows: Grand in size and beautiful in appearance, both of these window styles are designed to increase the space inside of your home and create a dominating appearance on the outside. Both use multiple windows to create an arched formation that extends beyond the side of your home. The arched design also provides a nook inside your home that can be used for sitting or shelving.
  • Picture Windows: If you want picture perfect views of your outdoor area, then our picture windows are great solutions. As a large uninterrupted pane of glass, picture windows provide grandiose views of your outdoor area that are perfectly framed. Designed as inoperable, they are also very secure and energy efficient.
  • Slider Windows: Another unique option, sliders operate on a horizontal railing system. This means that they slide open much like a sliding patio door. They are ideal for spaces where obstacles such as counters or furniture may inhibit your vertical range of motion. Slider windows also work well in large open spaces since they allow in more natural light and airflow than other window styles.

Express Your Style with Replacement Windows

Regardless of which window styles you choose, you can rest assured that Community Builders of Tulsa will do an exceptional job installing them on your Tulsa home. If you need help deciding what works best for your home, just ask us and we’ll be more than happy to help. The most important thing is that you find what you’re looking for with Community Builders. Once you decide what works best for your home, we’ll move forward with the installation so you can enjoy your new windows. Express your style today with our gorgeous replacement windows. Just contact us now to schedule your free consultation.

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