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Warning Signs You Need New Windows

Signs of Window Damage and Inefficiency

Windows are a key component to keeping your [seolocotion] home beautiful and efficient. However, too many homeowners let this upkeep fall to the wayside, resulting in lackluster appearance and energy efficiency for their home. This typically happens because of two reasons: they lack the finances to invest in replacement windows or they don’t know they need them. At Community Builders of Tulsa, we can help you avoid both of these issues. We are constantly running great specials to help you equip your home with high-quality replacement windows at affordable prices. We also possess a great deal of knowledge regarding window replacement to help identify when you need to replace your windows. Some simple precursors to look out for are drafts, physical damage, and other things detailed below.

Signs You Need New Windows:

  • Old and Dated: Older windows don’t possess the modern energy saving technologies, which means that they are not nearly as energy efficient as they could be. This results in higher energy bills for Tulsa homeowners. Our windows are designed to optimize the energy efficiency of your home.
  • Physical Damage: Damage to a window’s glass or frame can greatly affect its performance. For one, its energy-saving capabilities will drop which costs you more money in the long run. Secondly, its structural integrity becomes compromised. Warping is another issue as it can increase stress on the glass to the point of cracking.
  • Drafts from the Window: If you feel drafts every time you walk by your window, then you are definitely losing heat and air through it. Our window installations are airtight to prevent this from happening.
  • Difficulty of Operation: Out of balance windows result in difficulty to open and close as well as window slamming shut. It also makes it easier for air, water, and other irritants to get in your Tulsa home.
  • Condensation: When condensation forms between the panes of your window, it’s a strong indication that there’s a problem with the seal. A defective seal results in losing the valuable insulating qualities of your windows.

Keep Your Home Efficient and Comfortable

The more you know about the windows of your Tulsa home, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to keep your home maintained in comfort and beauty. That’s why we are more than happy to help equip your home with high-quality, energy-efficient windows from Community Builders of Tulsa. We provide more than just stellar installations and products. We also specialize in providing knowledge to ensure that you can discern when your home needs work. Don’t wait until it’s too late for your Tulsa home, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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