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The Types of Composite Siding

Why We Choose Cedar Ridge Products

We throw around the term composite siding quite a bit but a lot of Tulsa homeowners aren’t entirely sure of what our composite material is made of. Fortunately, the siding experts here at Community Builders of Tulsa are here to explain what our composite siding is and the other types of composite sidings that are available. There are three widely accepted types of composite sidings available in today’s industry. Those siding types are engineered wood, acrylic, and fiber-cement. The type we choose to carry is the acrylic composite siding option from Cedar Ridge because that is the product we believe in the most. However, let’s examine what qualities each siding type holds.

Composite Siding Materials:

  • Acrylic: This is option is made using a solid-vinyl core with a polymer mixture. It also incorporates insulation and a thermal barrier coating into the composite material. It is then fused with a rigid core foam backing to increase its insulating value, impact resistance, noise reduction, and strength.
  • Engineered Wood: This is made by mixing wood products with filler and binders. The material is then heated and pressed into boards. A decorative layer is infused into the boards in order to help them replicate the look of all natural wood. The engineered wood is then treated to resist mildew, rot, insects, and other pests that would commonly afflict it.
  • Fiber Cement: This type of composite siding is a comprised mixture of sand, Portland cement, water, and cellulose. Once mixed, the composite is steam heated and then formed into planks. Fiber cement is known for strength and fire resistance. It is also very easy to maintain.

High-Quality Exclusivity with Cedar Ridge

As stated earlier, our Cedar Ridge siding is an acrylic composite siding and is the only one of its kind to date. That makes it a highly exclusive siding product that provides Tulsa homes with outstanding beauty, energy efficiency, and strength. Not only is Cedar Ridge the leader with acrylic siding, but they are also a leading manufacturer in the entire siding industry. One of the largest reasons we chose to carry their siding product is because we know their penchant for producing high-quality materials that won’t let homeowners down. To learn more about the different types of composite sidings and why we chose Cedar Ridge siding products, contact us today for a free consultation.

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