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The Energy-Saving Qualities of Vinyl Composite Siding

Go Green with Our Energy Efficient Siding

Increasing a home’s energy efficiency is at the top of a lot of Tulsa homeowners remodeling needs. With that being said, it’s also one of the hardest ones to completely fulfill as there are several ways to contribute to the overall efficiency but not one cure all method. Fortunately, we carry several products that contribute at Community Builders of Tulsa and our experts can help you determine which will have the largest impact.

One of the biggest contributors is our vinyl composite siding. This is largely due to the area it utilizes. The majority of your Tulsa home is covered with siding of some sort, whether it’s vinyl or brick. However, both of these materials pale in comparison to our composite siding in terms of affordability and efficiency. Our siding is specifically designed to increase the curb appeal and energy efficiency of your home at an affordable price.

How Our Siding Saves You Energy:

  • Lamination Technology: Our siding uses TXL™ Lamination technology to fully adhere the foam backing to the insulated siding. This means that they completely act as one unit to provide you with double the insulating qualities. Plus, the lamination technology we use provides a bond that is 200% stronger than that of standard methods of adhesion.
  • Neopor®: This is the highly advanced insulated rigid foam that we use to back our insulated composite siding. It is made by using small black beads of polystyrene that are expandable because of the blowing agent used to manufacture the foam material. Once expanded, the black beads are processed and formed into foam blocks. This foam backing performs with 20% greater insulation than standard backing and uses up to 50% less raw materials. This effectively makes it very eco-friendly.

Stay Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient

Our siding boasts an R-Value that’s up to 19% than other sidings thanks to the Neopor® technology that backs it. In addition to having a better thermal performance, our siding is also more impact resistant than fiber cement by 240% and can resist winds up to 200 mph. If that’s not enough of a selling point, it also reduces outside noise by up to 45%. The quality of our Cedar Ridge siding is proven; now the only thing left to decide is the quality of installation. If you want to a stellar siding installation, then you should choose our services at Community Builders of Tulsa. Our installations are always done to perfection, which means you never have to worry about buckling, bubbling, or any other defects. Just contact us today to get your siding consultation.

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