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How to Tell When Your Siding Needs Replaced

Signs Your Siding’s Life Has Come to an End

Make sure you know when the time is right to invest in high-quality siding from Community Builders of Tulsa. Replacing the siding of your home is a large investment but one that can do wonders for your Tulsa home. Our high-quality vinyl composite siding is designed to increase the efficiency, durability, and beauty of any style home. We get our vinyl composite siding from Cedar Ridge, one of the leaders in the world of composite siding. Our siding is known for its innovative insulation design and hand-milled cedar beauty. Investing in new siding for your home is great but it’s also very important to know how to tell when your home absolutely needs new siding.

Signs Your Siding May Be Failing

  • High Energy Bills: One of the main jobs of siding is to protect your home. This includes protection from high energy usage. As the exterior barrier of your home, siding should protect against heat transfer. Our Cedar Ridge siding has a Neopor® foam backing fused to it to provide extra insulation.
  • Rotting or Warping: If you’ve noticed rotting or warping in your siding, then that means your siding is not performing as it should. It’s allowing moisture in behind it, which will cause major damage to the material beneath the siding.
  • Cracked or Loose Siding: Similar in consequence to having siding that’s warped or rotted, if your siding is cracked or loose, then your home is subject to moisture gathering behind it. This will lead to significant damage to your home’s wooden underside.
  • Loose Wallpaper or Peeling Paint Inside: This is a tricky one but usually a good sign to watch out for. Loose wallpaper or peeling paint on the inside of your home could mean that your siding is allowing water to get behind it. Over time, the water will saturate the walls and begin bleeding through to the other side causing the paint or wallpaper to peel.
  • Fungus, Mold, and Mildew Growth: If you’ve noticed the growth of fungus, mold, or mildew at the seams of your siding or around the edges, then water has penetrated your siding and is collecting in the space between it and your wall.
  • Bubbled or Blistered Siding: When siding is exposed to extreme amounts of heat or moisture, bubbling or blistering can occur. This can mean that your siding installation is faulty or that moisture has become trapped beneath the siding. We suggest you have one of our professionals inspect your siding to determine the issue.

Trust the Siding Experts at Community Builders of Tulsa

These are just a few of the possible signs that communicate you need replacement siding. We do suggest that you seek professional assistance if you notice any of the above signs. That way you can know the extent of the damage and what is needed to repair it. Don’t wait until your home is ruined by water damage. You can contact us anytime to schedule a free consultation.

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