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The Difference Between Operable & Standard Pergolas

Find out Which Addition is Better for Your Home

If you’re looking to invest in a new addition for you Tulsa home but aren’t quite sure which is best, then let the experts at Community Builders of Tulsa help. One of the major contenders for home add-ons is pergolas, both operable and traditional. Pergolas in general add a great deal of visual intrigue to your outdoor space. The design isn’t so much to work functionally as a complete shelter, but to add an architectural aspect that increases the curb appeal of your home. Pergolas are great for adding value to your home and defining the outdoor space of your Tulsa home. With that in mind, there is one big question regarding operable pergolas. That question is whether or not the operable pergola is worth the extra cost. In order for us to answer that question, we must first examine the major difference between the two and if one is advantageous over the other.

Is Operability worth the Cost

The only real difference between operable and traditional pergolas is the aspect of functionality. However, this key difference can drastically affect the use of your pergola. An operable pergola functions off of a slow-motion motor that is used to open and close the roof slats. This gives you the capability to enjoy your outdoor space regardless of how intensely the sun beats down. You can even stay under it during the rain since there’s no way for water to leak through the roof. This is an operable pergolas strongest advantage and greatest disadvantage.

The disadvantage is that the pergola does require a power supply, which means that oftentimes it must be installed within close proximity to your home. Another possible disadvantage of the operability is that closing the roof panels can have a negative impact on climbing plants like ivy. Some homeowners prefer to have climbing plants grow around these structures to produce an elegant natural look. However, if you prefer to avoid this, then operable pergolas shouldn’t be an issue. Beyond the aspect of operability and the subsequent issues that may follow due to it, operable pergolas and traditional pergolas are largely the same. Traditional pergolas won’t offer you the same protective options that operable ones do so your time outdoors will be largely dependent on the weather.

To Have Operability or To Not Have Operability

In the end, the decision really does lie with the homeowner. If you prefer to have a free standing pergola but don’t have the means to access a power source where it would stand, then a traditional pergola may be best. However, if you prefer to have the safe, secure comfort of a patio cover that can instantly transform into a beautiful pergola, the operable is definitely the way to go. The price difference is negligible since with an operable pergola, you’re essentially getting two home additions in one. If you’d like to learn more about your pergola options, contact us today for your free consultation.

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