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Enjoy Outdoor Scenery with Indoor Comfort

Discovering the Joys of a Sunroom Addition

Enjoying the outdoor area of your Tulsa home is something that should be done in comfort. Unfortunately, this is not always possible as it largely depends on the weather. For instance, several people enjoy the sound and view of calm rainy days but sitting out in it is clearly not an option. At Community Builders of Tulsa, we have the perfect solution to issues just like this and that solution is the addition of a sunroom. Despite their name, sunrooms aren’t solely meant for enjoying sunny days. Rather, they are designed to let you enjoy the atmospheric views of the outdoors from the comfort of your indoor area. This means that you can enjoy the view of falling leaves, rain, and even snow in a visually open area without being subjected to the elements.

Features of a Sunroom:

  • Scenic Views: The largest draw of a sunroom addition are the scenic views it provides. At least 40% of the wall space is made up of large panes of glass. This really opens up the visual space of the room addition and makes you feel as though you are outdoors.
  • Increased Space: The added space of an extra room increases the value of your home. Aside from the increase in value, this new space can also be dedicated to any purpose that you choose.
  • Recreational Value: A sunroom can be used for any type of recreational living space including as a game room, hot tub area, brunch room, indoor garden area, craft room, or whatever else your imagination leads to.
  • Comfort Control Options: You can choose to have your sunroom adapted to where it is suitable for year-round use or just three seasons use. Our sunrooms temperature is regulated by thermal engineering properties such as high-performance window systems, a thermal roof, and more. You may also need to use non-permanent supplemental heating and cooling sources for maximum enjoyment.

Quick Installations of Beautiful Sunrooms

Our Premier sunrooms are designed to be more than just beautiful. They are also meant to be installed quickly, sometimes in as little as two days. Our sunrooms’ panel systems are pre-manufactured in the factory to ensure that the onsite construction goes smoothly. Our end goal is to make sure that the new addition to your Tulsa home is perfect in function and look. We advise you to plan for exciting times with your new sunroom addition as it will provide you with an infinite amount of recreational possibilities. Contact Community Builders of Tulsa today to find out more about our amazing sunrooms.

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