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Know What Sunroom Style Suits Your Home

Choose from Our Beautiful Sunroom Options

When it comes to adding a new space to your Tulsa home, one must consider what that space is going to be used for. In the case of the home additions you’ll find at Community Builders of Tulsa, we carry gorgeous new sunrooms. These rooms aren’t your typical home addition as their primary purpose is making your outdoor views more accessible. They greatly open up the visual space of the room with windowed walls through which you can enjoy the beauty of nature in the comfort of your home. This keeps you from having to subject yourself to the elements. Once you decide a sunroom is right for your Tulsa home, you have to figure out which one will best suit your tastes. At Community Builders of Tulsa, we have a variety of sunroom styles to choose from that can easily add-on to your home.

Sunroom Styles for Your Home:

  • Elizabethan: This style of sunroom is more of a conservatory sunroom than traditional. What distinguishes it as such is the glass roof that is used to maximize the flow of natural light into the room. The glass ceiling is also great for stargazing from inside the comfort of you indoor area.
  • Classic Contemporary: This style of sunroom is perfect for homes of any style and are traditional in look but modern in style. Created using a vast amount of large windows as the primary walls and a traditional roof to protect from hazardous weather.
  • Solarium: This style of sunroom features a roof made completely of glass to open your home up to the beauty of the night sky. Plus, the thermal roof and integrated gutter systems helps keep your sunroom comfortable and clear of debris so your perfect views are never spoiled.
  • Vaulted: A vaulted sunroom is one that has a vaulted ceiling. These are great for those that want to expand the space in their sunroom addition. They also provide more wall space for custom fit windows to allow in even more natural light and beauty.

Enjoy a New Home Addition, Regardless of Style

No matter which style you choose for your Tulsa home, you will absolutely love your new sunroom. At Community Builders of Tulsa, we are more than happy to help you choose which type of sunroom will best suit your purposes. Our design experts never fail in helping our customers capture the true beauty of their homes. Begin enjoying full outdoor beauty today by contacting us for a free consultation regarding your new home addition.

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