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Barrier-Free Shower Bases from Community Builders of Tulsa

Take Back Your Bathing Independence with a Barrier-Free Shower


Don’t risk dislocating a hip or breaking a bone getting in and out of your high-sided tub. Convert that old tub to a barrier-free shower base from Community Builders of Tulsa. You no longer have to worry about falling when you bathe. Our handicap accessible shower can help you bathe in comfort and give you peace of mind as you regain your bathing freedom. With a barrier free shower you get the peace of mind knowing that you only have to lift your leg over a low threshold shower. If you want additional support getting in and out of the barrier free shower get a grab bar or add a safety seat.

Features of a Barrier Free Shower Base:

  • Bathing Independence: Low threshold that is just inches from the floor, and you can add extra support with a safety grab bar or safety seat
  • Wheelchair accessible: Easy wheelchair accessibility with no front threshold
  • Low Maintenance: Enjoy easy cleaning since our products have no grout lines and are non-porous, meaning they naturally resist mold and mildew
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty offers guaranteed satisfaction with your barrier free shower
  • Variety of Colors: A wide variety of color and pattern options to choose from makes it easy to perfectly complement your bathroom.
  • Made in the US: We only use the highest quality 100% American-made acrylic for our baths and showers

Accessible Shower Specialists Provide a Superb Bathing Experience in Tulsa

Tired of scrubbing that old moldy stained tub then reach out to Community Builders of Tulsa to get a bathroom that is easy to clean? We provide you with the tranquil space and relaxing bathing experience you deserve! Community Builders has been serving homeowners in Tulsa since 1982 and continues to earn repeat business from our valued customers. Contact us today to schedule your free, no-obligation in-home estimate. Don’t forget to check out our other products and services including our replacement windows and siding installations.

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