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Kohler® Walk-in Tubs for Tulsa

High-Quality Accessibility for Your Comfort

For the ultimate in high-quality accessible bathing, look no further than our premier walk-in tubs by Kohler®. At Community Builders of Tulsa, we’ve chosen to carry these prestigious walk-in baths because of their outstanding reputation of providing homeowners with an exceptional bathing experience that’s soothing, relaxing, and rejuvenating. The low step-in threshold and extra wide opening make it easier to enter and exit without the fear of tripping and suffering a tragic fall. In addition to their accessibility, they are also custom-made for your bathroom to create absolute fit in your existing tub space. Furthermore, they feature a range of therapeutic options that make the experience far more pleasurable than that found in a standard walk-in tub.

Features & Benefits of Kohler® Walk-in Tubs:

  • Low-Threshold Entrance: The strongest feature of our walk-in tubs by Kohler® is the design of the low-threshold entrance. Not only is the barrier merely inches from the ground, the opening is extra wide to allow for greater range of motion when entering and exiting the tub.
  • Stylish Handrails: The design of the handrails grants them exceptional durability and grip so you can have confidence when bracing yourself with them. Furthermore, their optimal placement makes them easy to reach and ideal for helping you go from a seating to standing position and vice versa.
  • Handheld Multifunctional Shower: The multifunctional handheld shower has unquestionable styling that perfectly complements the beauty of the bath. Furthermore, it features three spraying options so you can have the perfectly applied pressure for any situation. Best of all, it’s ergonomically placed for easy access and docking once you’re done.
  • Easy-Access Controls: Our Kohler® brand walk-in baths feature an easy-to-reach control panel that can be used to access and control the therapeutic benefits they have to offer. Ergonomically designed and conveniently placed, the accessible control panel is a marvel of accessible bathing design.
  • Therapeutic Comfort: What sets our Kohler® brand walk-in tubs apart from the rest are the wonderful therapeutic benefits that feature one of a kind technologies such as the BubbleMassage™ air jets, Belay™ hydrotherapy, Bask™ heated surface, and much more.

Enjoy Accessibility like Never Before

The Kohler® brand walk-in baths we carry here at Community Builders of Tulsa are top of the line accessible bathing apparatuses designed to optimize your bathroom for comfort and safety. The numerous therapeutic features of our walk-in baths will help soothe any aching muscles and sore joints that plague your day-to-day life. Experience the best that our accessible bathing options have to offer by investing in a walk-in bath. Contact us today to learn more about how beneficial one of these beautiful bathing apparatuses can be for your life!

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