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Benefits of Vinyl Siding

If you’re considering vinyl siding for your home, you know there are lots of choices out there. Siding has changed so much! Back when your parents were putting siding on their home, there weren’t very many choices. There was basically one or maybe two color choices and that was it! Nowadays there are many choices of siding. Some types are energy efficient and some are not. Some are high-quality, and some are not. The key to choosing a high-quality vinyl siding is to choose an experienced and well-respected siding company. Community Builders of Tulsa, Oklahoma is that company. We only put our name on the highest quality product and we are proud to carry the highly acclaimed Cedar Ridge Vinyl Siding. There are so many benefits to our Vinyl Siding product.


Cedar Ridge Vinyl Siding Benefits:

*Energy efficiency: Saves you on monthly energy bills

*Incredibly durable: Withstands winds up to 160 mph

*Reduces outside noise by 45%

*Adds curb appeal

*Available in many designer colors

*Never needs painting


By choosing our Cedar Ridge Vinyl Siding, you’ll be choosing a vinyl siding that is incredibly energy efficient. Our Cedar Ridge siding contains foam backed panels that give it an R-Value of 4.5. You will not only save money on your monthly energy bills, you will love how your home is nice and cool this summer. It will also be warm and toasty when the cold winter months get here. You will also love its durability. Our top notch vinyl siding withstands high winds while your neighbor’s siding may be laying in their front lawn after a strong storm barrels through.

Our siding installers are expertly trained to provide you house with an airtight seal, with no gaps or leaks.

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