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Community Builders of Tulsa: Don’t let your money run down the drain!

Are your water bills sucking you dry? Don’t let your money run down the drain!

Cutting back on water use in your home is easier than you might think. Minor changes can help you save tons of water every year, and you can also help save the environment. The United States Environmental Protection Agency says that with at least forty states anticipating water shortages by 2024, the need to conserve water is critical. Here are some tips to conserve water at home:

1. Shorten your showers. According to the EPA, showering accounts for nearly 17 percent of indoor water use in American homes.
( hot-water-use-energy-savings)

2. Turn water off while brushing your teeth.

3. Wash your pets outside in a place where your yard may need watering.

4. Defrost food in the fridge instead of using hot water.

5. Repair any leaks in your home.

6. Turn faucets as tight as possible after every use.

7. Don’t let water run while washing dishes by hand.

8. Use the trashcan instead of flushing when possible.

9. Water your lawn or garden in the morning to reduce evaporation.

10. Set sprinkler systems to water necessary areas only, not the street or sidewalk.

11.  Avoid over-fertilizing your lawn because it increases its need for water.

12.  Make sure your dishwasher and washing machine are fully loaded before running them.

13. Invest in low-flow shower heads and faucets.

It may not feel like you are saving much water by making these small changes, but they can add up to gallons, and those gallons add up to savings on your water bill!

If you’re thinking of switching over to water-efficient showerheads and faucets, it may be time to give that bathroom a total remodel! With Community Builders of Tulsa, we can give you your dream bathroom at an affordable price. Whether you’re looking for a barrier-free shower, tub-to-shower conversion, walk-in tub or bath, Jacuzzi walk-in bath or shower, we can completely transform your old bathroom!

Most of our bathroom products can be installed in as little as one day. All of our products are resistant to mold and mildew and easy to clean. With our lifetime warranty, we can guarantee the quality of our products.

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