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Why a Sunroom/Pergola Makes a Great Addition to any Home

If you would love to add an affordable space to de-stress in your home, a Sunroom is a great investment. At CBI Tulsa, we custom build our Sunroom/Pergolas so that they blend perfectly with your home. No one will ever think it was added after your home was built. That’s how good our work is! So before we go any further. What exactly is a Sunroom/Pergola? Good question. It is simply an outdoor space without any walls and rafters. You will love enjoying the outdoors without having to deal with mosquitoes, other pesky bugs and extreme temperatures. With your new Sunroom, you can sip your favorite beverage while enjoying a panoramic view of the outdoors, from the comforts of your couch.
We offer many Sunroom/Pergola options including Classic, Elizabethan. Solarium, Vaulted and the popular Contemporary. While many of the Sunroom/Pergola’s that we build are free standing, some our customers choose to have their structure attached. Whatever option you choose you will end up with your new favorite space to unwind in.

Sunroom/Pergola Benefits include:

*Gives you a Great View/Space to Unwind in
*Offered in Many Styles
*Very Low Maintenance
*Adds Square Footage While Increasing Home Value
*Makes Home More Attractive to Potential Buyers

You can see that there are several benefits to adding a Sunroom/Pergola to your home. Many of our customers tell us their only regret is that they waited so long to make the investment. We would love to give you your new favorite room in your house. Give us a call here at CBI Tulsa and we can get started on helping you choose which style speaks to you. We use the highest quality materials, most experienced contractors and have the best prices in Oklahoma.



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