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Window Shopping for Energy Efficiency

Making sure that your home is energy efficient throughout the year is very important, especially during these winter months. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware that a vast amount of energy loss occurs via heat transfer through windows. This can be attributed to a number of things, including poor insulating factors, poor construction, age, physical damage, etc. If you have windows that succumb to any of the aforementioned issues, then you should consider window replacement. Make sure you consider the following features when window shopping for energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient Window Features

 · Multi-Pane Construction: Any energy efficient window worth having is going to have a multi-pane type construction. Multi-pane construction serves as the basis for an energy efficient window since it creates the potential for multiple other energy efficient features. Typical constructions are double and triple paned systems that serve as providing extra barriers between the interior of your home and the outside.

· Insulating Gas Fills: To have insulating gas fills, your windows must be multi-pane. The gas is vacuum-sealed in the space between the glass panes to create a denser barrier than what you would get without. The gas, combined with the extra panes of glass, help halt the process of heat transfer. The gases most often used are Argon and Krypton, with the latter being the premium choice due to its density.

· Low-E Glass: Insulated glass, also referred to as Low-E glass, has the benefit of being coated with multiple layers of low emissivity film. The film aids in slowing the heat transfer process as well as blocking harmful UV rays from entering your home. If you have a multi-pane window construction, you can equip each pane with a Low-E film to compound the effects.

· Multi-Chamber Frames: A multi-chambered frame construction provides similar benefits to that of multi-paned window construction. The difference being that instead of having the thermal break occur between the panes of glass, it occurs within the frame. The multiple chambers within the frame create a thermal break by using dead air as a barrier. The chambers can also trap any loose air trying leak through the frame, which is then added as an insulating factor.

· Spacers: Spacers help keep any insulating gas from leaking out of the construction and keep the glass from moving out of place during extreme weather conditions, in which the frame has potential to expand or contract. We suggest staying away from windows using a metal/aluminum spacer as there are many other spacers available that are far more efficient.

Shop with Window Professionals

Now that you know a bit more about what to look for with regards to high-performance windows, it’s time to start shopping around. Windows with the above features are going to provide you with greater energy efficiency than standard single-pane window systems. If you’re in doubt about a windows’ energy efficiency, observe the NFRC Label or look for the Blue Energy Star Label. To learn more about how replacement windows can improve your home, contact CBI Tulsa today!


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